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Just Like Jesus

The kids and I had a talk this morning about why today is a day of remembrance. I showed them the videos of the bikers that are descending on D.C. (I tell you, I have never really wanted a motorcycle until today. I think being in that enormous mass of patriotism and honor would be absolutely unforgettable!) Grace and Owen asked me why they were riding.

I told them about the Twin Towers and the hatred that brought them down. We talked about the people who lost theirs lives — the passengers, the building occupants, and the first responders. I told them about the Pentagon. And I told them about the plane that crashed in the middle of a field in Pennsylvania.

Four planes destined for destruction and only three hit their targets. I asked the kids why they thought that was. And then I said, the people on that flight knew what had happened in New York and they knew that wherever their plane was headed people would get hurt. So they stood up to their attackers and fought back. They knew they would probably die in the process. They gave their lives and sacrificed themselves for other people. To which Grace said, “Mom, they were just like Jesus.” Yes Grace, in that moment. They were exactly like Jesus.

Greater love has no one than this, than to lay down one’s life for his friends […or perfect strangers.] John 15:13

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