As a kid I always loved to sing. Loved it. Nobody else did, however. I used to sing in my room all the time. My brother would sneak the door open and record my terribleness on his brown Fisher Price tape recorder so he could torment me with my tone-deaf self. When I was Baptized in the Holy Spirit in my early 20s, God gave me a voice. I started singing at church and on the worship team. Eventually I became the worship leader at church. God continues to this day to pour into me and develop me. On this page I will be sharing songs that I have written. I’m working on getting them on video and then to YouTube so I can post them here.

All I Need to Know

(Verse 1)There are times when I can’t see the answerThere are times when I don’t know the endThere are times when I can’t see the road before my faceAnd it seems there’s no hope around the bend (Chorus 1)That’s the time my hands raise in surrenderThat’s the time I fall down at Your feetThat’s time… Continue reading All I Need to Know