I’m an occasional writer of poetry. I will be posting my poems here when I write them. I’ve got a bunch from the past that I’m typing up little by little to add to the page. Some I eventually arrange into music, some stay poems. All are Spirit-breathed. Enjoy!



I’m searching for You, Lord.I walk down empty streets.I look through darkened windows.I follow paths so beat. There’s no one there to tell them. There’s no one there to teach. There’s no one there to separate The worthless chaff from wheat. I know, my God, You see them Warming wooden pews. Waiting for someone else… Continue reading Searching

To Whom it May Concern

I was reading through some of my poetry and came across this gem. It was written for my future husband, at that time. (You were more than worth the wait, Babe.) I can’t believe this was 20 years ago! As I gaze at the future before me I wonder,Will it be you to wrench my… Continue reading To Whom it May Concern

Fear Not

Fear not—just ask; He is your Father. Within His grasp all things are gathered. Ask and expect to receive all things. Dwell in His rest, have faith—believe! Be not discouraged, He knew your need Before you cast your care at His feet. He who seeks will find his desire. Continue to seek ’til your over… Continue reading Fear Not

Bonds and Cords

We will stand side by side,Arm and arm against the tide.I’ll lean on you, you lean on meIn unity we will be free. And whatever life brings,Our Father can see everything.He will guide us through the night,Carry us through in strength and might. No matter what you do,Our God’s love, it needs no proof.We’ll trust… Continue reading Bonds and Cords


I thought I heard Your voice in the thunder. I listened for You While the sky loudly pounded. My eyes searched the heavens For a mystical door. I sought only signs A child would look for. I tried to create You Wherever I went. I watched and I waited For the slightest of hints. I… Continue reading Signs

One Step Back

I had a thought last Sunday. I was thinking of loved ones far away from the Lord at the moment. I thought about how many years they have run and how far from what they know to be true they have strayed. But then a thought struck me. It doesn’t matter how far they have… Continue reading One Step Back

All You Are

Let all that You are Be all that I am. Renew my heart, Help me to stand. Lord, let Your heart Beat strong in my chest. Set me apart. Come in, be my guest. Shine Your marvelous light On this barren land. Cradle my life In the palm of Your hand. Stir up in me… Continue reading All You Are

Consume Me

I desire to draw close to You Every day that I’m alive. To climb into Your loving arms And let my spirit thrive. To be more a part of You Than I’ve ever been before. That every single part of me Is You right to the core. For my will to submit to Yours, Your… Continue reading Consume Me

My Prayer

Lord, guide my words Let no idle thing come from my mouth Lord, guide my steps Let my feet follow after Your truth I want to be led by Your love I want to be resting in Your care Let Your anointing fall from above So You can use me anywhere Stretch out Your arms… Continue reading My Prayer

Good News

On a night, crystal clear Many centuries ago Our Savior on this earth appeared Our sins to overthrow. Deliverance and mercy great He carried in His hands. The universe did all await The Father’s firm command. A helpless little baby— Who could have ever known That the child would one day be Seated on His… Continue reading Good News


I wait in the silence of my room For the appearing of Your countenance. My spirit longs for Your hand to move But I know I must first seek your face. I prostrate myself in Your presence And cry out to Your holy name. My soul lays vulnerable before You. I relinquish my life to… Continue reading Purified

Here Am I

Where are they Lord — The people who’ll stand and boldly fight? Where are they Lord — The people who’ll praise ’til faith be sight? Where are they Lord — The people who’ll watch through stormy night? Where are they Lord — The people who’ll cry for the waning light? Where are they Lord —… Continue reading Here Am I


Everyday, more and more My love grows strong for You. When I rise up from my bed You grasp my heart anew. Constant are Your ways, oh Lord Your mercies never end. Where I seek You, there You are My ever present friend. Just when I think I know You Another aspect will arise —… Continue reading Constant

Spirit of Revival

Revive our hearts again, Oh Lord Help us to stand in one accord We know how much we need You Lord You’re where all our hope is stored Lord, my God let us strongly stand By the tender mercies of the Lamb. May the holy fire in our hearts be fanned By the mighty moving… Continue reading Spirit of Revival


When you’re lost and hurting And there is no one to dry your tears. You’ve spent you’re whole life searching For an answer to your fears. When you’ve given your tender heart away And it came back to you all broken— The one you loved and lost Saw you nothing but a token. When your… Continue reading Remember

My Life

Has someone seen the life I led; All paved with good intentions? I worked so long and worked so hard To make a good impression. Has someone seen the life I led? I could really use some help. No matter where my feet have sped I still cannot find myself. Has someone seen the life… Continue reading My Life


None on this earth satisfied ‘Til on my heart, Your blood applied Like nothing I had ever felt before. Your mercy was b’yond all I’d dreamed And nothing could go wrong, it seemed. Still Your kindness lifts me safely o’er. How glad I am that You forget All the things I’ve done and yet I… Continue reading Satisfied

Follow Me

Follow Me, said the Lord your God, And I’ll show you what I can do. Give to Me everything you are— Your future, your desires too. I’m here to guide your steps, my child. Trust wholeheartedly and see. Adore Me with no sin or guile And look on as I set you free. A steadfast… Continue reading Follow Me

The Remnant

Oh Lord, we cry out to YouWe look to You in all that we do.Come heal our land. Oh Lord, come to this placeAs we seek Your face, pour out Your grace.Come heal our land. Oh Lord, call to Your childThe meek and the mild, awaken the remnant.Come heal our land. Oh Lord, let Your… Continue reading The Remnant

You Will

I look to my left and my right; The world won’t stand with me, but You will. I look for one on which to depend;The world won’t stay with me, but You will. I look for someone to defend me;The world won’t speak for me, but You will. I look for someone to cheer me;The… Continue reading You Will