One Step Back

I had a thought last Sunday. I was thinking of loved ones far away from the Lord at the moment. I thought about how many years they have run and how far from what they know to be true they have strayed. But then a thought struck me. It doesn’t matter how far they have strayed. You’re either with God, or you’re not. All it takes is one step, one moment, one prayer, to undo years of rebellion. Psalm 139:7-8 says, “Where could I go from Your Spirit? Or where could I flee from Your presence? If I ascend up into heaven, You are there; if I make my bed in Sheol (the place of the dead), behold, you are there.”  As much as I thought about that this week, I couldn’t get the words together to write. Then, as I drove to town today to do some shopping (without kids…) I had some time to think and this poem came to me.

A million steps these feet have trod
Carrying me away from Your great love.
A million steps these feet have trod
Taking me from all I know.

A million steps these feet have trod
I’ve run so far, I’ve run so fast.
A million steps these feet have trod
But all it takes it one step back.

“I’m right here with you” says the Lord.
Waiting, hoping, arms outstretched.
All it takes is one step back.
One step back and you’re finally home.

©Speckled Horse Music