I’m searching for You, Lord.
I walk down empty streets.
I look through darkened windows.
I follow paths so beat.

There’s no one there to tell them.
There’s no one there to teach.
There’s no one there to separate
The worthless chaff from wheat.

I know, my God, You see them
Warming wooden pews.
Waiting for someone else to do
The work You called them to.

What a shame they place no worth
Upon Your Holy Word.
It would seem they listen more
To worthless gossip that they heard.

Don’t we know they’re counting on
The word that we will bring?
That all through life they’ve carried
Wounds the world has made to sting?

They know they’re life is missing
Something they cannot describe.
They don’t quite know just what it is
But they feel it deep inside.

Stir Your peoples’ hearts, oh God
Like You never have before,
To give this lost world the Good News
That they’ve been waiting for.

Fill us with Your love, oh God.
Fill us to the brim
So we’d have no other choice
But to bid them, enter in.

©Speckled Horse Music