To Whom it May Concern

I was reading through some of my poetry and came across this gem. It was written for my future husband, at that time. (You were more than worth the wait, Babe.) I can’t believe this was 20 years ago!

As I gaze at the future before me I wonder,
Will it be you to wrench my heart asunder?
Will it be You, oh my love, who will grasp my heart,
Or will my hopes crush me and tear me apart?

Will you ever know me as I want to be known?
Will you love me and see my heart as your own?
Can I dare to believe you will love me forever,
Will you lean on me always, come whatsoever?

Will I see you at once and know you are mine
Or will my heart be broken time after time?
There are times when I think you aren’t out there at all,
That you’re hidden behind an impenetrable wall.

Then I step out the door and look at the sky,
And just when I think I might as well cry,
I remember that God made a promise to me.
He knows where you are, He know who you’ll be.

You’re out there somewhere just waiting for me.


©Speckled Horse Music